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Our Approach

Who are ARK?

Just like ALDI, the ARK name is made up of the key letters from some very important aspects of the founders life. In the case of ALDI it stands for ALbrecht-DIscount, Albrecht being the surname of the founders. In my case A, R and K are the initials of my three kids.

I have spent the last 30 plus years working in the IT Industry. I graduated in 1986 with the grand title of BSc(Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering and since then my career has stretched from the beginning of corporate computing. Through the PC years and now into the Internet and Cloud Computing eras. I started as a circuit board designer. Then moved to assembler software coding (at a chip level as microchips replaced discrete components). As processors became ever more powerful I then started writing and designing software systems in C and C++.

Over the years I have kept my technical skills and knowledge up to date, but for the last 15 (at least) I have been managing IT design, build and implementation rather than doing it myself. I now run large scale IT programmes for one of the big 5 global System Integrators - Capgemini.

Even now, after all of those years since my first Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum, I am still fascinated with how computers can be used to enrich our lives, help remove the mundane tasks and communicate globally at the touch of a button. One of the sister web sites to this one arktechnology.co.uk explores some of the ways voice assistants such as Alexa can help with Home Automation and Mobility Assistance. Another sister site https://arkmotorhomes.co.uk/ chronicles some recent adventures in our motorhome which we use to relax and walk the hills.

You may have guessed from the choice of the name ARK, that my family is my uppermost priority, but when I have a few spare minutes and I am not working, my main hobby is cars. I created ARK Automotive to blog my exploits and to help other enthusiasts who may come across similar situations. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

Our Story

Who Am I?

I have a wife and 3 daughters which used to keep me very busy, but have now grown up and discovered their own lives outside of our family home (apart from one that keeps coming back from Uni).

I have a slightly deranged but very lovable Springer Spaniel that forces me out of the house in all weathers – mainly on Cannock Chase.

When I am not involved with these, you will find me in the garage. I’m an engineer at heart so I relax by building things. I’ve finished knocking the house around and extending it, so now it’s cars with the current project the restoration of a 1973 Triumph Stag V8.

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