ARK Automotive

GBS Zero & Triumph Stag

I’m an engineer at heart so I relax by building things. ARK Automotive is something I created to share my experiences.

I’ve finished knocking the house around and extending it, so now it’s cars. I started with the build of a kit car, a GBS Zero, one of the best Lotus 7 type cars available. I built it from the chassis up and went on the race it around the Nurburbring.  My current project is the restoration of a 1973 Triumph Stag V8.

GBS Zero Build Blog

Great British Sportscars is one of the last remaining independent British car makers. It primarily makes kit for self assembly but it also does factory builds like Westfield and Caterham who share the same basic Colin Chapman design - the Lotus 7.

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Triumph Stag Restoration Blog

Having owned a Herald, 2000 Saloon and a Spitfire in the past, a nostalgic side in me longed for another Triumph. The sound of the burbling V8 did the rest.

So here I am at the start of another automotive adventure. Lets see what it has in store....

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I'm not a professional mechanic - I'm simply a well meaning amateur who cares and enjoys what I do. I'm never going to be as fast as the professionals, but I learn quickly. Looking at the youngsters in the main dealerships, I know who I would rather fix my pride and joy.