Reference Material

My primary reference source is a second hand Sierra Haynes Manual - 10p from E-bay.

And here is a list of the information sources I have found and referenced on the web.

Many many thanks to you all for taking the time to blog what you have done.

Richard's GBS Zero - Richard Lincoln

GBS zero kit car build diary - Neil Smith

Aidan's Zero Build - Aiden Kinnell

GBS Zero Build - A Lotus 7 for the modern day! - John Hamilton

David's GBS Zero Build - David Smeaton

A GBS Zero kit car build by Shaft - Shaft

GBS Zero - Phil Howard

johns zero - John

Mike's Zero Build - Mike

Robin Hood Zero Build Diary - Scott

Jason's Robin Hood Zero Build Site - Jason Morris

baxters zero kit car - Baxter t Bear

Dash layout examples: Locostbuilders