Torque Settings

Please note, this section is simply for my reference as a record of the torque settings I have used based on the information I have gleaned from manuals/web/GBS etc. It is not in any way definitive and is used solely at your risk. I suggest you do your own research rather than using these settings. After all it will be you sitting in your car not me !!!


  1. Diff side bolts: 60nm (plus threadlock)
  2. Diff long bolts: 80nm
  3. Diff stabilising bolt: 50nm
  4. Prop to diff bolts: 60nm (plus threadlock)


  1. Mounting plate: Fully tight (plus threadlock)
  2. Prop shaft: 60nm (plus threadlock)
  3. Casing to engine block: 45nm (plus threadlock)
  1. Rubber mount to bracket: 40nm
  2. Bracket to chassis: 45nm
  3. Bracket to engine block: 40nm (plus threadlock)
  4. Starter Motor: 40nm (plus threadlock)

Rear Suspension and brakes

Front Suspension and brakes