New Emerald ECU mapping

In my previous post I wrote about my recent project to build a bluetooth interface between the Torque app and the Emerald ECU. I almost succeeded but needed the firmware on the Emerald ECU upgrading. This requires the ECU to be physically at the Emerald premises in Watton just outside Norwich. As I didn’t want to trust my ECU to the postman I decided to drive across and whilst there to utilise their rolling road service to properly may the engine.

Here’s a short clip of the process:

Each load cell on the map is visited and the optimum parameters are selected depending on the map you want. With a catalyst and a plenum fitted I didn’t have as many options as a non catalyst engine with throttle bodies, but I decided on:

  • Map 1 – Road and track
  • Map 2 – MOT – low emissions (not for driving on)
  • Map 3 – Immobiliser

Fairly self explanatory apart from Map 3. When set to Map 3 the car will just about start but will stall the moment you touch the pedal. A simple but effective way of immobilising the car in addition to the standard Ford key. There were other appealing/novelty options like “pop & bang” but this was my selection.

The trip was c165 miles each way so I had chance to test the car on the way home – what a difference!! Far more responsive. Much much smoother to drive. Motorway cruising at anywhere between 45 and 85 can now be done in 5th. It drinks much less fuel by at least 20%.

By the way the power run gave a reading of exactly 160 BHP at the flywheel. Not bad for a standard Ford engine with a simple plenum.

I must admit to having my fingers firmly crossed during the session. The car gets quite a hammering especially at high revs under full load. Cooling system and oil pressure both fine afterwards, but there was a trace of a slightly slippy clutch when everything got really hot. Nothing noticed on the way home though.