Petrol Tank

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When the underside of the car was sand-blasted, they ruptured the fuel tank and had the drain it. The fuel tank in the Stag is positioned inside the boot which is normally a good place to put it as the alternative is usually slung under the body somewhere where it is exposed to water and salt e.g. the TR7. However, being a Stag the boot tended the collect water which submerged the base of the fuel tank and rotted it.

When the sand-blasters told me about the hole in the fuel tank i was immediately worried that the bottom corner had rotten away. Whilst there was a clear hole and the steel had thinned, it was by means as bad as I has imagined.

Welding a used fuel tank is dangerous to say the least, so the next best is to use solder and a soldering iron to fill the holes. I have then covered all of the thinning areas with PC-7 Epoxy paste. It’s petrol and ethanol resistant and incredibly tough.

I will leave this to cure thoroughly for a week or so, then clean the inside of the tank before sealing the inside and the outside of the tank tank sealer. I’ve use Rustbuster Slosh for the inside and Rustbuster Tank Guard for the outside.

Here’s the fully cured and painted end result

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