Accelerator Pedal Stops

Another small job I have been meaning to do. The pedal position for the accelerator has never been where I expect it to be. Normally it should sit just below the height of the brake pedal so that your foot can move horizontally from brake to accelerator swiftly without having to lift your foot. It should then travel to 100% throttle open and have a physical stop to avoid stretching the accelerator cable. Having taken your foot off the pedal it should return to where it was just below the height of the brake. 
As you can see on the left I have used a small spring to aid the throttle butterfly spring in returning the pedal back up. Then an M4 bolt covered in nylon fuel pipe to act as a pedal stop. The right hand photo shows the pedal box to which the pedal stop in anchored. I used the bulkhead as the final stop for 100% open. Much better.

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