Parcel Shelf and Seats

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The parcel shelf under the glove box on a Stag is another weak point. It is made of little more than cardboard, and 47 years on it is looking decidedly worse for wear.

Instead of replacing like-for-likefrom Rimmer’s Catalogue, I thought I would upgrade, by making a new one from MDF and some spare vinyl. A little time, some evostick and an industrial stapler later, and I think it looks better than the original (and is definately more robust).

I wanted to get the parcel shelf back in before I finished the carpets and put the front seats back in. It’s much easier to install when you can lay in the car, rather than leaning over the passenger seat.

Re-trimming the cabin didn’t take too long once it was in. I had already done most of the hard work in the reburb and cleaning. With everything back in and sparkling, my eye is drawn to the small rips in the drivers seat covering. When I refurbished them, and in the context of the car as it was, I thought I could live with it. Now everything around it is clean and tidy once more, it stands out.

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