Pre-Nurburgring Training

Although I have attended a couple of GBS Track Days recently I have never actually taken the car on the track. But this is going to change on 3rd June 2014 when I have registered for a track day at the Nurburgring with GBS and their German distributor. 
The day is a closed session (no public admittance) arranged by the German Pistenclub (, so I have 8am until 16:30pm to do as many laps as I like along with 100 other cars.
As this is the first drive on a track for many years, I decided to get some professional help to brush up my technique and help me get a feel for my car at track speeds. If you were at Stoneleigh the other day you may have noticed a company called GEM Driver Training ( gemdrivertraining ). I noticed them in the magazine literature because they use an airfield close to me in Stafford. 
Last Sunday I did their Track and Performance Driving Course. I can recommend it for anyone in my position. I wanted to understand some of the theory behind how a car handles on a track, and also brush up my track driving skills. Ewan Morris does an excellent job talking though car dynamics with the aid of some powerpoint. 
He really understands what he is talking about as he has many driving teaching qualifications and many years of race experience. The session was not just theory either. We started in his Rover with some basic assessment and track orientation, but then I arranged for 1:1 tuition in my Zero for 45 minutes. Time to put the theory into practise. It was just what I needed. I now feel safer and more capable of enjoying a full day around the “Ring”. Thank you Ewan!!

Here’s his Facebook link GEM-Driver-Training

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