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Suddenly my car has done almost 1500 miles. One moment I am awaiting registration papers and the next it’s done 1500 glorious, grin producing miles – where did the autumn go?
So it’s time to take a detailed look around and make sure everything is still as tight and true as it should be. With the car back up on stands, I took all the wheels off and painstakingly visited each bolt. In the main nothing had moved, but a couple needed a quarter turn now that everything had settled.
I also took the opportunity to look for anything amiss. Diff and drive shafts looked like new, as did the gearbox and clutch. The engine bay (looking from above) also looked (almost) pristine apart from some dust and general detritus from dirty roads. Water level and brake fluid level haven’t changed, but the oil level had dropped a little. Checking under the engine bay I can see a small oil leak at the back of the Raceline sump where it meets the gearbox. Well, I can’t see the leak, but I can see traces of oil. I am certainly not tempted to remove the engine to get a better look, so I guess I will simply have to live with it and keep an eye on the oil level. The oil pressure is fine.
Took the opportunity to do another couple of jobs I have been meaning to do. Firstly installing some bonnet pins to stop the bonnet flaring out especially around the exhaust manifold. Looks much better.
Secondly, adding a small cargo net for sunglasses and mobile phones.

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  1. Hi Paul – re the leak – you have it too !
    I'm losing 3-4 drips / week from the back of the engine somewhere – theres also an interesting thread on the rhocar forum at the moment along similar lines.

    No solution yet though

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